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POWERPLANT 30, 60 & 90

POWERPLANT comes in three sizes with the only difference being the total run time for your devices. The 30 gives you 30 amp-hours of service, the 60 is twice that size and the 90 gives you days of service. To make this easier to understand, our 90 model will run your laptop 8 hours a day for 10 days! In the event of a total power outage at your home, the 90 will run an LED tv, laptop, table lamp and AM/FM radio for days. Add on our solar panels, and you could literally operate for weeks with proper selection of the devices you will be operating.

POWERPLANT 30  -  $1,799
POWERPLANT 60  -  $2,199
POWERPLANT 90  -  $2,499

When you need power for more than a few days, our folding solar panel delivers a great solution. With full sun on its panels, it will generate up to 200 watts of power and re-charge your batteries, while simultaneously running most of your electronics. The solar panel uses the latest technology to harvest energy even on the cloudiest of days. It's also built to last and can be used outdoors in harsh weather. If you want to turbo charge your batteries or run a full load on your POWERPLANT without reducing the run-time rapidly, you can use two of our solar panels and operate and re-charge the system in just a few hours!

SOLAR PANEL  -  $499
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Turbo Charger Brick.jpg
PowerPlant 12v Jumper Cable Small Image.jpg
12V DC Cable
Super Charger
LED Lighting
All of these accessories are designed and certified to work properly with POWERPLANT
12V DC Cable

Our DC cable allows you to power any device requiring up to 20 amps at 12 volts. This cable is not intended to be used to jump start a car. However, other items such as boat motors, power tools and other devices will work just fine as long as they use 12 volts and do not require more than 20 amps.

Super Charger

POWERPLANT comes with a brick charger that will re-charge the internal batteries overnight. However, there may be times when you wish to re-charge the batteries in just a few hours. Our Super Charger can typically re-charge the batteries, if they are at 25% or better charge to 100% capacity in under 4 hours.

LED Lighting

When you're camping, tail gaiting or sitting in the dark when a storm took out the power, you can use our 30-foot long LED light string for up to 48 hours, and virtually forever if you have our solar panel.

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