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We Care Deeply About our Customers

Our company is driven by our passion for our customers and our passion for engineering excellence. All of our design and nearly all of our manufacturing is done in the USA because we want to create jobs locally, and we have better control over the quality of our products. We welcome your emails. At the same time, emails are not intended to be used for consulting or giving advice about how to wire circuits or use third-party products that are not certified by our company. If you are not sure or have any doubts, email us and we'll let you know what we can or cannot do to help you. Thanks.

11671 Lilburn Park Rd   St. Louis, MO 63146

Tel: 314-737-4900
Fax: 314-737-4908


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If you are interested in purchasing our products, you can call us between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Central Time, USA, at 314-737-4900. Or, you can provide all of the information in the form to the left and someone on our team will respond to you. If you are in an area where we have a retail store or an authorized dealer, we may suggest you contact that location to see the product in person.

If you need technical support on one of our products, provide the information and give us a description of the problem. Be sure to include the name and serial number of the product in your message. Technical Support is only available via email, unless you have a Support Agreement.


NOTE: We will not respond to any requests that do not include all of the information requested.

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