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We started our company back in 2007 with a mission to invent new and innovative solutions for the athletic industry. Over the years, we've created remarkable technologies including crowd tracking systems, high-speed cameras, digital clocks and power systems. All of our engineering research and design is done in the USA and all of our products are made here in our own factories. We don't outsource to China and this has allowed us to build world-class products that work reliably for the long term. In addition, our technical support is done here at our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and the same engineers that design our products answer your questions. You'll pay slightly more, but isn't it great to know that you're supporting a company that's not in China? It's great to know that your product is built for quality and doesn't use cheap components that won't last. Innovation is more than just a word in our's a way of life at our company!




If you want to know whether a company is truly innovating in their industry, just look at how many patents they have on their technology. Today we have 31 patents and we're an industry leader in creating remarkable new products. You benefit from the millions of dollars we have invested in making sure our products deliver great results.

Battery Test_3

At the heart of every POWERPLANT you'll find the latest LIPO4 battery technology. In our architecture, we use multiple batteries with a triple redundant design. This means if even one set of batteries dies, you won't be without power. We will keep on running. Before the batteries are installed, they've gone through days of charge and discharge tests to make sure they reach maximum capacity, while also discharging at the proper rate. This level of quality assurance is what you can count on from us.

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Become a dealer or a sales

Representative for our products

and you can earn a lot of money.

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As a dealer or rep for our products, we can offer you sales leads as well as brochures and other materials that will help you sell the products. Simply contact us and we'll be in touch.

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